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A Portable Bed can be Convenient for Travel, Kids and Overnight Guests.  Choose the Design that Fits Your Life

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A Portable Bed is a Great Choice for Home and Travel -- Family and Friends

Choose the Best Portable Bed for Your Needs and Lifestyle

There are many reasons why you would want to own a nice portable bed.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, looks and designs and serve to deliver comfort in a situation that would otherwise be awkward and uncomfortable.

An Always-Ready Guest Bed for Overnight Guests

Portable beds are incredibly useful things to have around the home. Anyone who has had unexpected guests will appreciate the value of a folding portable bed.

Imagine this scene – you have had friends over for a meal, and everyone has had a couple of drinks too many, it’s getting late and your friends are tired and it would not be safe for them to drive. As the host you offer for them to stay the night, but you don’t have any spare beds. Someone is going to spend the night on the sofa, have an awful nights sleep and wake up stiff and sore.

Unless, of course, you had a portable roll away bed -- in which case you simply need to pull it out from the closet, downstair or garage and you and all your guests get to sleep on a mattress and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

One scenario leaves your guests wishing the night had gone differently; the other leaves them with the memory of a great night.

This is, of course, just one example of how a portable bed can be useful in your home. Children’s sleep-overs, out-of-town family or friends visiting and emergencies are just a few times when just having an extra guest bed or two would be a very handy thing.

With space being at such a premium in most people's homes, having a portable bed gives you the flexibility to be able to have more people sleep at your home than you would normally be able to cope with. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, no one likes to sleep on the floor or on the sofa.

The Perfect Little Sleeper for Your Little Sleeper

Whether you have an infant or 'big kid', a portable bed is the perfect travel bed. For short trips across town when naptime nears, or long cross country vacations, your child will love having his or her own portable bedroom. Many of the new child's portable bed designs are so lightweight even your child can carry them.

And naturally a kid's portable bed is a must for sleepovers and slumber parties.

Excellent for All Kinds of Travelling, Too

Portable beds are useful out of the home too. Camping can be an ordeal in which all comfort is sacrificed, or it can be a refreshing and invigorating experience that brings you closer to nature.  What can make the difference? A portable travel bed, naturally!

Portable beds make camping comfortable.

Where ever you choose to use it, the portable bed always serves the same purpose: they take a situation where someone is going to have to improvise a solution to the problem of where they will sleep, and they inject comfort and a little slice of luxury. Portable beds remove the need for improvised sleeping arrangements and replace them with a proper mattress and allow for a comfortable nights sleep.

Modern Portable Beds Are Build for Comfort As Well As Convenience

There has been much innovation in recent years with the look and design of portable beds. There is now a vast selection of beds to suit everyone’s needs and price range.

There is more to them than many people would think.  The market has certainly advanced over the last decade. There are all kinds of new and different fabrics that can be used now, from traditional cotton to felt and even the space aged memory foam.

Frames too can now be made off all different materials. Moulded plastic is lighter and less expensive, but will be less durable. Metal frames are built to last, but often increase the price and weight slightly.

But as the designs have been improved, the prices have dropped. They really are now affordable by almost everyone. There is now no excuse for not having a portable bed -- a thought that will surely go through your guests' minds as they struggle to get to sleep on your sofa if you don’t have one!

There is a Design for Every Occasion...and Budget

One easy but effective choice is a portable mattress that inflates to provide the excellent comfort for a small area. These can be deflated stored in a small cupboard or closet and easily packed in an overnight bag.  This can allow you to take your own comfortable bed with you if you are staying overnight at a friend's house. An inflatable bed is also a great idea for camping, when space is limited.  And it will help protect you from cold, hard surfaces (inside or out).

The next step up in comfort are the classic cot beds.  Perfect for home and excellent for car travel, these provide a level of comfort and safety "above" a simple inflatable.

The top-tier of portable beds is the traditional roll away bed or folding bed with the folding frame and mattress. They take up more room and are not suitable for travelling, but the folding frame and mattress bed gives the full bed experience while still being able to fit in the back of a closet or corner of a store room. This is the closest portable experience to a full bed sleep that you will ever have. Being raised off the floor, in the same way as you are with a traditional bed, gives a luxurious feel to the whole portable bed experience.

Some quality names to consider here are EZ Bed, Aero Bed, Cosatto and Regalo Portable Bed.