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A Portable Bed can be Convenient for Travel, Kids and Overnight Guests.  Choose the Design that Fits Your Life

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A Quality Rollaway Bed is the Perfect Solution for Overnight Friends and Family

Choose the Best Rollaway Bed for Your Needs and Lifestyle

Almost every portable bed follows the same format and form factor – they all fold away in some way, shape or form. Inflatable beds deflate and can be rolled up in to a very compact size. Folding beds, as the name suggests, can be folded down and fitted in to the back of a cupboard. Even the larger guest bed can generally be folded away and put into a cupboard, or like a trundle bed pushed under a bed and be left out of sight and out of mind.

In the world of portable beds, this is generally the rule, that the beds must become more compact in order to save space. But there is always one exception to every rule, and in the world of portable beds this is the Roll Away Bed.

The rollaway bed does not fold down. It does not fit neatly into a cupboard, unless that cupboard happens to be slightly bigger than the dimensions of a full bed!

Full-Sized Bed in a Portable Package

Rather than folding, the rollaway bed is perfectly balance to stand in a stable way on its headboard. This will allow the host to pull down the bed onto its back so that it can be used by their guests, and then stand it back on its head when the guests leave and the room can be returned back to normal. It is quite an impressive feat for manufacturers to be able to design such a product, that is so large and heavy, to balance perfectly on its head.  In fact, most of us are familier with the rollaway we have seen in a hotel.  

As with all portable beds, there are positives and negatives to each design type. Generally these positives and negatives can be clearly seen by all at a moments notice.

The most positive aspect of the full size rollaway bed is that it is, virtually, a normal bed.  There is no foam mattress or thinned down padding. The rollaway bed mattress is a real bed mattress.  This is a bed that looks, feels and genuinely believes it to be a proper bed, albeit a bed with an interesting party trick – it can stand on its head! The result of which is a bed that is properly comfortable. This is the kind of bed that when you mother comes to stay, you would not be embarrassed to make up for her – she would get a perfectly good nights sleep in a roll away bed, Indeed for those that are not there to see it rolled down, There is very little to show the roll away bed as being a portable bed at all.

The downside to the roll away bed is that it is not really portable. It can be classed as portable because, unlike other beds, it can be put away when not in use.

The roll away bed is ugly however, because there is no place to hide it. No matter what you do in your room, there will be no getting away with the fact that you have a bed in the corner standing on its head.

Rollaway beds are available in big box stores like Walmart and online.