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A Portable Bed can be Convenient for Travel, Kids and Overnight Guests.  Choose the Design that Fits Your Life

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Inflatable Beds are the One Portable Bed that is Truly Portable

Choose the Best Inflatable Bed for Your Needs and Lifestyle

Portable beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

There are large luxury camp beds at one extreme, and at the other extreme you have the inflatable bed.

In a lot of ways, the inflatable bed or air bed is the stripped back, minimalist portable bed; it contains the bare bones of the qualifying criteria for what constitutes a portable bed. Some people may scoff at the air bed's lack of features.  Or they may say that its design is in some way inferior because the mattress is so close to the ground. But the inflatable bed is actually a very clever solution to the problem of how to make a bed portable.

The fact is that, as anyone who has ever spent a night on one will testify to, you get a great and comfortable nights sleep on an inflatable bed. As you would imagine, the inflatable mattress is…well…full of air, which makes it spongy when you put your weight on a single point. But when you spread your weight across the inflatable bed, it provides an excellent level of support. It is perfectly possible to get an outstanding nights sleep on an inflatable bed.

Choose Carefully to Get the Quality You Desire

Of course, all inflatable beds are not created equally, with the lower end of the price range often suffering from slow leaking, which results on you waking up on a deflated piece of rubber and plastic rather than an inflated bed. Generally speaking, this can be rectified by spending even a modest amount on your inflatable bed. You do tend to get what you pay for with inflatable beds, and bargain basement prices often provide poor quality inflatable beds.

Choose a good quality manufacturer like Aero Beds or Coleman and you will not regret it.  The beds made by both of these score high on the inflatable beds reviews and they can often be found on sale at big box stores like Target. 

The single biggest advantage of the inflatable bed is that it truly is portable. There is no other portable bed that will allow for you to pack up your bed and fit it into an average size backpack. This makes the inflatable bed ideal for situations where space is at a real premium. Many camping trips are transformed by an inflatable bed, where perhaps a larger portable bed would not be an option.

Modern Inflatable Beds are Much More than Just an Air Mattress

More and more often, inflatable beds are coming on the market now with great design features; like a textured fabric top layer to lie on that stops you feeling that you are sleeping on plastic and stops your skin sticking to it. Also the built in foot pump is a real handy design feature. This allows the bed to be inflated without the need for any extra equipment, or without the use of excessive lung power.

Queen and even king size inflatable beds are available as well as inflatable beds with a frame for the best of both worlds.

Inflatable beds may constitute the low end of the market for portable beds, but they are far from uncomfortable. There are many situations where an inflatable bed is the only practical solution.

Cheap it may cost, comparatively speaking, but this is not necessarily an indication of poor quality.