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A Nice Guest Bed is a Must if You Plan to Have Friends or Family Stay Overnight

Choose the Best Guest Bed for Your Needs and Lifestyle

In the world of portable beds, there are those that are truly portable, and there are those that are… well… not so portable. The inflatable bed would be the best example of the truly portable, where as the guest bed would be the best example of a not so portable bed.

But if this is the case, why on earth are guest beds included here on this site?

The very fact that they are included should tell you that they certainly do qualify as portable. It is just that comparatively speaking, the guest bed is not as portable as its more easily transported cousins.

Hard to Move -- But Still Portable 

So the natural downside to the guest bed is that it is particularly hard to move – it is big and it is bulky compared to the other portable bed types.  Popular types of guest beds include the day bed, chair bed, rollaway bed and folding guest bed.  The portable aero bed certainly qualifies -- but so do the much less mobile murphy bed and sofa bed.

In fact, the reason for this lack of portability is actually one of its greatest strengths. The guest bed is the king of portable beds. All of the other portable beds are like the poorer cousin of the guest bed.  While the others are a makeshift solution to a problem of accommodation, the guest bed gives the impression that not only was the host expecting his guest, but that he or she planned ahead and arranged for them to stay in some kind of style and comfort.

Style and Comfort

It is not uncommon for the guest bed to be mistaken for a proper bed. You can dress a guest bed with linen and bed sheets and duvets and all sorts. A folding bed can be made to look like a permanent installation, rather than an after-thought.

Now, due to its lack of portability, it is unlikely that the guest bed will see many camping trips. The camping vacation is not the natural hunting ground for the guest bed, which firmly belongs in the bedroom.

Whilst the guest bed is not particularly portable, it is portable enough to be able to be folded and placed in the back of a cupboard or wardrobe when not required. This gives the host the ability to keep their house in order, but at a moments notice they can pull their guest beds from their hiding places and in mere moments they can have room that more resembles a dormitory rather than a lounge!

As said, the main benefit of a portable bed is that it looks very much like a traditional bed, but with the option to fold it away when your guests leave. Each portable bed has its own reason for existence – the place where that type of folding bed makes most sense, for the guest bed, that place is in the home.