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A Portable Bed can be Convenient for Travel, Kids and Overnight Guests.  Choose the Design that Fits Your Life

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Folding Beds are the Quintessential Portable Bed - Both in Style and Luxury

Choose the Best Folding Bed for Your Needs and Lifestyle

When many people think about guest beds, out of all the different designs and styles that exist, what they commonly think of is the folding bed. This really is the quintessential portable bed.

That is not to say that the folding bed is the most portable of all the portable beds.  It’s certainly not.  But it is relatively portable.

Compared to other styled portable beds, the folding bed looks very much like a regular bed.  One popular style comes with legs that will fold down and a folding mattress, giving you the standard bed shape that so many people want from a portable bed. Other style include wall beds, which fold up into the wall, rollaway beds, sofa beds, futons and Murphy beds.

Comfort is Job One

There certainly is a lot to be said for sleeping raised off the ground. This is never truer than when camping. Where being off the ground to sleep allows you some safety from animals that crawl around on the ground!

Even in more civilised surroundings, such as in the home, there is a lot to be said for sleeping raised off the ground. It gives a real sense of luxury compared to the lower down inflatable bed.

Storage is more of an issue with the folding bed, however, than with the likes of the inflatable bed. Where the inflatable bed will comfortably fit in a rucksack, the portable bed will fold up and fit in a cupboard or wardrobe. It is still a great space saver, and is a great thing to have when guests come over to stay, but you need a comfortable amount of storage space to keep on out of the way the rest of the time.

In terms of preparation time, the folding bed wins hands down over the inflatable bed. In a race, the person with the folding bed will be fast asleep in total comfort before the person with the inflatable bed is finished inflating their bed. Fold down time is also a real winner for the folding bed; taking just a couple of moments to fold away. Compared to the time it takes to deflate an inflatable bed, it is virtually no time at all.

A Folding Bed is Yours for Life

Folding beds are very hard wearing, and are likely to last a very long time. The only comfort issue comes with extensive use, where the folding point of the mattress can become soft and worn. Generally speaking, however, this is not an issue for most people, who only use their folding beds occasionally.

The folding bed is the standard against which all other portable beds are measured. Some are lower than the folding bed, some are wider or bulkier. But the folding bed remains the standard that others are compared against. This fact speaks volumes about how highly regarded it is. Campers just love the luxury of the folding bed, as will your tired guests when they decide to stay the night.